Jersey City

Jersey City is growing into the next hot neighborhood for people of the Metropolitan area. Families, students, large Wall Street companies, and young professionals are beginning to pour into the city’s new luxury apartments, condos, and unique foodie restaurants. The Emenators embarked on a few weeks of field research, becoming experts on the city’s offerings, neighborhoods, potential, restaurants, and the deep connection residents already have with their beloved mini-tropolis. Emense created 3 identity systems that captured this essence and marketing campaigns that could spread the word of its potential.  

Brand Strategy & Design / Marketing Strategy & Creative 

Concept 1, Start Here

This is the beginning, the pivot point of a dormant city. “Start” applies also to those most targeted by the city. This concept calls small businesses to plant roots, large corporations to start anew, and prospective residents to engage in emerging neighborhoods.


Concept 2, Just Jersey City

There’s a warm, accepting energy in the neighborhoods of Jersey City. The “Just” concept calls to the confident, honest, and understated nature of the community. You can be what you are, nothing more, nothing less, and the community finds value and meaning in that. “We’re just conjuring pride in the next emerging community.” That’s it.


Concept 2, Worldly But Local

Unlike the American melting pot, Jersey City is more like a fresh salad of various and distinct cultures. It’s rare to find the cultural authenticity the people of Jersey City have. This spices up life from food to music to education. This concept really depicts Jersey City as the premier community for discovery and interesting neighbors.


Our field research uncovered the strong ties residents have with Jersey City and their excitement for their hometown to keep moving in the right direction!