Enjoy an exclusive look into selling to Holiday Town Elves!

Tapping into this target market is necessary for holiday season success. So pull up a chair and lend us your eyes for a tale of how to own Holiday Town market share. 

Cheerful Holidays and a Happy New Year to All!

2014 christmas newsletter-01

Apparel – The Here Face, When the North doesn’t get any more North than HERE!

2014 christmas newsletter-02

Intimates – Red by Rudolph’s Secret, Never thought about Elves, huh? Well, they have their secrets too!

2014 christmas newsletter-03

Home- Elfkea, Affordable and convenient refurnishing after an abominable snow monster attack. 

2014 christmas newsletter-06

Fast Food – Chilly Bell, We may live in an iceberg, but the spice warms you to the core! 

2014 christmas newsletter-05

Magazine – Coldmopolitan, Known for their racy covers of elves in holiday stockings riding young bucks, these reads bolster holiday spirit.

2014 christmas newsletter-07

Travel – Verynorth Airlines, Direct competition is the Red Nosed Deer. But one day, you may find the Verynorth Airlines delivering right to your roof.

2014 christmas newsletter-04

Networking – Snowedin, Maintaining strong professional connections, since we’re all stuck here anyway.
2014 christmas newsletter-08

Social Media – Facelog, Where else do we post pics of our snowman obsession and christmas cookies?

2014 christmas newsletter-09

Beverages – Cocacola, Coke is still coke. I mean, Santa’s basically a stakeholder.

Here’s the Elf Brief, if you are curious, or as just passionate about branding as we are. 
Big Brands in Everyday Life
Break Into Holiday Town Elf Market
Emense’s Role in Project
Figure out what drives sales to elves and adjust brand to elf culture
Single Most Important Idea
Elves get off on holiday season marketing… and Santa.
Target Audience
Elves, aged 1-92, annual income of Silver and Gold, but how can we measure it’s worth?
Holly is a jolly elf, fully employed for Saint Nicholas’ Workshop (Nasdaq:SNW) as a lead wagon painter and hot cocoa drinker. Holly’s typical day is waking to the sound of Jingle Bells in the air, laughing and singing after cookies and hot cocoa, and sleighing to the workshop. She happily makes toys all day, laughs and plays with other elves, and takes a few cocoa breaks to discuss abominable snowman sightings. Her main concerns are Santa Clause delivering to all the good children, how good the children really may or may not be, and whether everyone has enough hot cocoa to persistently laugh and smile while repetitively making toys. In her free time, Holly enjoys basically anything covered in egg nog, milk and cookies, snow, and old school crafts, to preserve her trade.
Problem and Solution
Big Brands in Every Day Life are made for humans whose values drastically differ from elves, although they do dwell on the goodness of children. Emense is called upon to adapt their brand message to increase sales in Holiday Town.
What insight will influence target to buy?
a. Holiday Cheer
b. Eggnog
c. Fun Snow Flakes
d. Praises of Santa
e. Hand-made Crafts