Emenator: an indispensable team member, collaborative partner, or associate for Emense fulfilling a creative, business, strategic, production, or friendship role. (Can include nearly all of the above, and always friendship).


 Emense Photoshoot_Emenators 

Brenda Leung

Public Relations Associate

Brenda is intelligent, persistent, extremely focused, and well presented. She is founding her own P.R. firm and brings great clarity and precision to the way we work.




Sheen Sun

Photographer & Design Associate

Sheen is an extremely kind, curious, and eager photographer and designer. Her past experience in interior design and conceptual spaces has been an invaluable asset to our team.


 Emense Photoshoot_Emenators 

Tony Yu

Digital Marketing Associate

Tony is a happy, positive, fun, smart, and driven force for good. He is a dedicated team member and a wildly resourceful individual. He has brought great insights from his experience in account management and market research.